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Google Merch : Friends, in the present time the trend of internet is going on at such a fast pace because friends, its benefits are also many, nowadays everyone wants that their business should progress well, in today’s time everyone is engaged in doing their business online and by the way. If you go, all the business is being done online (Google merch), everyone sells their products online, nowadays from small to big shops have gone on the internet, those who are worried about their business, how to do this problem has been removed by google. You can do your business easily by joining Google merch and grow your business well.

About Of Google Merch

Friends, Google Merch is a Merchant E – Commerce platform, through which by adding your website and business, you can easily get your product listed on that website, Google Merch was first started in the United States, through Google Merch , you can do your business. And you can easily grow your business by adding a website, this is a free feature of Google Merch , this facility has been started by Google for everyone, so that people can take their business forward because it is a store created by Google. Through which the demands of the people are also fulfilled and it is also easy to do business growth.

How to grow business with Google Merch?

Earlier, for listing any product in Google, Google had to pay some money, but now Google company has made it absolutely free, whatever product is uploaded on your website, you can get it listed inside Google Merchant and help Google. By making your business grow, you can sell your product a lot.
  • Note –
When you list the products of your e-commerce website in Google Merchant, it is not that in the same day you start getting orders for your listing products, but you also have to list the product in Google Merchant properly. And when a particular product will be searched in Google Search Engine, then Google Search Engine will show your product in front of the customer.

What are the things a merchant needs to join Google Merchant?

  • The first thing the merchant should have is an e-commerce website.
  • Secondly, some product should be uploaded in the merchant’s e-commerce website.
  • The third thing the merchant should have is a Gmail.
  • Fourth thing the merchant should have a mobile number.

How to Create Google Merch Center Account?

Merch Center intelligently creates the onboarding experience tailored to your account. It will suggest next steps for you and show you tasks that have already been completed.
You can access the rest of your tasks at any time by navigating to the “Overview” tab.

 Choose your email

To create a new Google Merchant Center account, you first need to determine which email address to use. It is recommended to use the same Google email address that you linked to your Google Ads account or added your website to Google Search Console. However it is not required. It simplifies your Google experience.
 add your info

Type 1 Enter your business information In Google Merch

  • Your business information will be applied to the various features and tools that you use in Google Merch Center. You only need to enter this information once, and you can edit it later.
  • In “Business address” add the address where you are registered.
  • The time zone of the Merch Center is automatically populated based on the country you have selected under “Business Address”. Once you have created an account, you can change the time zone in your account settings.
  • The name of your business in the business’s name can be the name of your business, the name of your website or the name of your store.
  • The name you enter as your business name will be used as the name of your Merch Center account, and users will see this name all over Google.
  • Provide a valid phone number and verify.
  • You must complete the phone verification process before you can complete onboarding your Merch Center account.
 Note:  Changing the time zone will change the way your performance metrics are calculated and reported. If you change your time zone, these changes will not apply to the data you added before you made the change.
Type 2 Choose where your customers check out
  • Describe what your checkout should look like.
  • Select the checkout options that apply to your business. You can select more than one and change them later in your Google Merchant Center account if needed.
  • on your website
  • Customers see your product listing on Google and visit your website to buy.
  • on google
  • Customers see your product listing on Google and buy without leaving Google. They can still checkout on your website even if checkout on Google is available for your product listings.
  • at your local store
  • Customers see your product listing on Google and visit your local store to buy
  • Once you have read and accepted the Terms of Service, your account will be ready for the next step.

What are the benefits of connecting a website to Google Merch Center for a merchant?

  • Google Company has kept Google Merch absolutely free, it is a free platform of Google.
  • There is no limit to the number of products any merchant can list on his e-commerce website in Google Merch.
  • E-commerce website will get a good amount of traffic through Google Merchant.
  • Now e-commerce products can be sold at a very good level through e-commerce.
  • Google used to take money from the merchant to bring any product to the Google Search Engine, now Google has made the same service free, which will cost the merchant less money on advertising.

How much will the business on the Internet benefit from the arrival of the Google Merch Center platform?

Friends, with the advent of Google Merch platform, it is possible that every small shop can come on the Internet, now the development of E-commerce can be done at a good level through Google Merch, now every small trader can make their own e-commerce website products. You can expect to have a sale from Google Search Engine and grow your e-commerce website.

How to add products to Google Merch Center?

  • After you’ve created an account in Google Merch Center, you’ll need to organize information about your products for use in feeds or with the Content API.
  • Use the information here to decide on the format of your feed, organize your product information so that Google understands it, and optimize your experience with the tools in Google Merch Center.

How to create a feed for your products for Google?

  • An accurate feed of product information is required to set up Shopping ads. The feed is synced to a Google Merch Center account.
  • Your Google product should include several essential categories:
  • Product Title (maximum 150 characters)
  • Description (maximum 5,000 characters)
  • Product Image
  • Price
  • Global Trade Item Number (The product’s UPC, EAN, or ISBN reference)
  • Brand
  • Manufacturer Part Number (or SKU)
  • Google Product Category
  • For certain items like apparel and accessories, you should include details such as:
  • Color
  •  Material
  •  Pattern
  •  Size
  •  Gender

Feeds are supported in two formats

  • plain text (.txt) and Extensible Markup
  • Language, or XML (.xml).

There are two ways to create your feed file:

  •  With a Google Sheet registered in your Merchant Center account, or with a .txt file exported from a spreadsheet editor
  •  With WooCommerce extension that automatically creates feeds and syncs to Google.
 Friends, if you are thinking of listing all the products of your website on the Google Merch platform or you have listed the products, then keep in mind that your website should not contain any spam, wrong products and content that does not follow Google Guideline. If all this is found in your website and the website is not following Google Guideline, then Google can impose penalty on your website and can also close your Google Merch Account.
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